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Classical Electronica/The Future of Sound

Classical Electronica: The Future of Sound

It was at the Venice Biennale that Mimi Xu and Rosey Chan shared a kind of cosmic coming together of minds that resulted in their new collaboration: Carnet De Voyage (“travelling notebook”), which is both a testimonial of the past and a pertinent projection into the future.

The duo’s inimitable sound, which they dub “classical electronica”, is as likely to mesh baroque with disco as piano with jazz and is all accompanied with video and cut through, here and there, with curious sound effects, such as a jet plane leaving the runway.

Since making a major impact at last year’s Meltdown festival, held at London South Bank’s Queen Elizabeth Hall and curated by James Lavelle, the pair have gone on to perform at the Gagosian Gallery in France and have also worked with Oscar-nominated director Mike Figgis, winning over the ears and hearts of all that see them in the process.

Their individual music experiences – Mimi is an electronic artist and DJ and Rosey is a composer and pianist – clash spectacularly as Carnet de Voyage. Magic mingles with mystery during the duo’s site-specific shows, which are evolving explorations into musical history sliced with references to contemporary culture and their own personal musings.

Their music goes beyond mere categorisation and into the realm of aural and visual experiences, that, whether in harmony or in discord, are epic, immersive, thought-provoking journeys with the power to effortlessly whisk a listener away.

In celebration of Lane Crawford’s 165th anniversary, we asked Xu and Chan to shape their idea of what music will sound like in the next 165 years. Their vision comes to life in a thrilling in store art installation that marks the soundtrack to our future.

Photo courtesy of Carnet De Voyage

The project asks you to consider the next 165 years. How did you approach the topic?

We see the ideal future as a combination of an exciting array of new possibilities in creative tools with the need to look back into the past, to learn from it and find out what we are still missing.

You had to create 24 original tracks in 14 days...

It was like composing and producing a double album in less than two weeks!

Photo courtesy of Carnet De Voyage
“The future of sound is an enigma – everything is possible!”

So why were you so keen to be involved?

We are interested in questioning what the future will look and sound like so although the time frame was short it gave us a real challenge. We took a deep breath and jumped in.

How will the next 165 years shape music?

Music remains one of the most powerful and emotional tools in the aesthetic landscape. We see no reason that this will ever change.

Carnet de Voyage's tradition in performance is for pieces to evolve. How does this work in store?

The sound design for Lane Crawford is based upon the concept that the music has no specific beginning, middle or end. It is a slowly evolving soundscape that can be visited for five minutes or an hour, depending on the individual.

The way we create music is not at all limited to specific environments. Retail has its own characteristics – people are coming and going, they are on the move – we’ve created this sound environment with that in mind. The listener will be drawn in to a subtle, emotional world that enhances the retail space.

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探索风尚新视界 165 周年庆

Classical Electronica / 未来之声

Classical Electronica:未来之声

因为想法在威尼斯双年展中一拍即合,音乐人 Mimi Xu 和 Rosey Chan 开始了她们的全新合作:Carnet De Voyage(旅行笔记本)。 这一音乐作品不仅是对过去的证明,也是对未来的描绘。

这对音乐拍档将她们的音乐风格称之为“classical electronica”。 在这种独特的乐风中,你既能听到巴洛克与迪斯科的碰撞,也能捕捉到钢琴与爵士的交织。 此外,视频、出现在各处的断点和如喷气式飞机离开跑道等各种怪诞音效也被统统融入了作品之中。

这对音乐拍档在音乐人 James Lavelle 于去年 6 月于伦敦南岸伊丽莎白女王音乐厅举办的 Meltdown 音乐节中一炮而红,其后不仅在法国的高古轩画廊 (Gagosian Gallery) 进行了演奏,还与奥斯卡提名导演 Mike Figgis 进行了合作。 一路走来,她们凭借出色的演出赢得了许多乐迷的心。

Mimi 是一位 DJ,而 Rosey 是一位古典钢琴家。 这两位看似风格迥异的音乐人却在Carnet de Voyage 中碰撞出了耀眼的火花。 她们断探索音乐的历史长河、引用当代文化、并将个人思考融入其中,协力打造出的现场演出交织着难以言喻的魔力与神秘感。

她们的音乐作品超越单一类别的界限,上升为听觉和视觉的双重体验。 这种看似混乱却又完美和谐的体验无疑是一场史诗般的、令人沉醉又发人深省的音乐之旅,无限的感染力更能够悄无声息地将观众的思绪带走。

为庆祝连卡佛成立 165 周年,我们邀请了这对音乐拍档共同探索 165 年后的未来之音,并将她们的答案展现在一个令人振奋的店内艺术装置中。 播放中的独创乐曲也将是我们未来发展之路的背景乐。

照片由Carnet De Voyage提供

这一企划邀请你们畅想未来的 165 年。你们是如何解读这个命题的?


你们必须在 14 天内创作出 24 首原创乐曲……


照片由Carnet De Voyage提供



未来的 165 年音乐将如何发展?


Carnat de Voyage 的表演传统是希望作品在其间不断进化。 这在实体店内如何实现?

基于音乐并不应该有开始、高潮和结束之分,我们为连卡佛进行了音乐设计。 它将成为一个缓慢展开的音乐空间,取决于不同个体,你既可以在店内停留五分钟,也可以选择待上一个小时。

我们创作音乐的方式不受限于特定的环境。 零售空间有它自身的特点——它人来人往——我们在设计音乐环境时一直将这一点考虑在内。 我们希望聆听者能够被引入一个微妙、感性的声音世界,获得不寻常的购物体验。